Business Law

Business attorneys help entrepreneurs start new businesses; advise small business owners on a variety of matters; work with large corporations; advise on business taxation issues; and assist with mergers and acquisitions, among other tasks. Those handling issues pertaining to intellectual property (copyrights, patents, trademarks) tend to specialize in that niche. Also handle issues like breach on contract, document and agreement drafting, and any other legal issues which may arise.

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What the Law States

At CLG we are trained and barred in the State of Georgia. Which means we are legally trained and authorized to conduct business and legal representation in Georgia as well as at the Federal level. We will be happy to represent you. If your problem crosses states lines we will even work with attorneys in other places to ensure that every interest and every concern is handled by the licensed and trained attorneys that are dedicated to getting you the best outcome possible.

At The Crafter Law Group (CLG) we are here to fight for you and your rights. We bring hope to a difficult circumstances.

We are here to relieve stress, confusion, and heartache that can come from needing a lawyer. We want to get you back to what matters in your life to you and your family.

Needing a lawyer? Stressed about your current situation? Needing to negotiate or work something out with another party? Planning on going to trial? These are all situations which require expertise and a certain set of skills. Let us help you! We are all trained with the knowledge and skills to work to get you the outcome that you desire. We have the training, experience, and knowledge of the legal procedures. Let CLG handle it for you.